This is most severe for small populations

This is most severe for small populations

Engraado como as pessoas se conhecem na vida real, j percebeu que tropeamos com pessoas em todos os lugares, mas os olhares que se encontram quando menos percebemos. No mundo virtual nunca sabemos como isso acontecer, e tem formas diversas. E isso para Anne era bem estranho, ela vinha passando uma fase nada fcil, e Raphael de alguma forma, bem leve e sem perceber, deixava o seu dia quase perfeito.

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The 42 year old Slovakian defenseman had his wrist lacerated near the end of Monday night’s Game 1 win over the visiting Western Conference Champion St. Louis Blues. Chara successfully blocked Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko’s wrist shot on the play, but the puck found some bare skin between his glove and sleeve, causing Chara to wince and skate off the ice with the 4 2 victory already in hand..

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If I am being really honest, though, watching hockey started from a lifetime of wanting to fit in. Riddled with anxiety pretty much my entire life, I longed for some sort of sense of belonging, but sports never made sense to me. I watched my siblings excel in sports, watched my friends wear jerseys and yell at the screen, watched co workers talk at the lunch table about “the game” and I knew I needed to understand what was going on.

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