The right clock can also be an asset that can

The right clock can also be an asset that can

More importantly though, the NSFW moment comes fairly early in the video, when we see Levine stepping out of the shower before a show. The grainy, black and white video, directed by “Travis and Adam,” was seemingly filmed in one take and provides an intimate glimpse at the complex mechanics and precise timing of touring, as well as the thrill of walking out on stage to tens of thousands of fans. The recently shot video was filmed at London’s SSE Arena formerly Wembley Arena on either May 26th or 28th, as Maroon 5 played a pair of gigs there that included the first two concert performances of This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a Motherfer..

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Antique clocks are not only nostalgic but they can also add greatly to the decor of a room or home. The right clock can also be an asset that can appreciate in value over time. Should you decide you want to purchase an antique clock you should be prepared when you enter the marketplace..

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