25th July 2016Quote: “We’re having just the best time. The actor returned to the spotlight at Comic Con in San Diego, California on Saturday (23Jul16), when he joined his Guardians of the Galaxy co stars to discuss the film’s forthcoming sequel. The movie star joined his pal on the streets of the Big Apple as Eichner offered bystanders a dollar if they could name his sidekick.

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I think that poetry can be translated, so long as you understand the word “translate” in a broader sense than just conveying the original faithfully into the target language. I consider translation, especially of poetry, to also be a creative process, not only a mechanical one. There no one “correct” translation of poetry: the same poem can be translated multiple times by different translators, and each translation can be valid in its own way..

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This is not a single blueprint for success on these 201 Iowa dairy herds that were recognized by the USDA DHIA,” said Marjorie Faust, Iowa State University Extension dairy specialist. Some of the herds are smaller, run by a single family and have facilities that were used by previous generations. Other herds in these lists are family corporations that milk several hundred cows in new and modern drive through freestall barns and parallel parlors.”.

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