One of the most damaging stereotypes about PTSD is the idea

One of the most damaging stereotypes about PTSD is the idea

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cheap Canada Goose It pains me when I listen to the news and every time a veteran commits a crime (or commits suicide); it is automatically linked to and blamed on PTSD. Yes, there are some who cannot control their actions due to this imbalance in our heads, but don’t put a label on More about the author us that we are all incorrigible. Very few of us are bad.”Recovery is possible.One of the most damaging stereotypes about PTSD is the idea that people with the disorder are somehow broken or can’t heal.Roy Webb, a Marine who served in Vietnam and suffered from PTSD and insomnia for four decades, told CBS News about his recovery through yoga and meditation.”I did feel at total peace, like I hadn’t known in years. cheap Canada Goose

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