“Nunes’ office typically ignores media inquiries that don’t

“Nunes’ office typically ignores media inquiries that don’t

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aaa replica designer handbags A recent poll best replica bags online showed Janz trailing Nunes by just eight points in a heavily Republican district.”Devin Nunes represents everything that is wrong with Washington and career politicians,” Janz said. “By taking money from large corporations and special interest groups it’s clear that he works for them and not us.”Nunes’ office typically ignores media inquiries that don’t come from conservative outlets, and Nunes brushed off a McClatchy reporter who confronted him about his PAC spending.Liz Mair, a Republican strategist with the anti Nunes Swamp Accountability Project, said the congressman was using his “tax exempt political entity like a personal slush fund.””Dirty Devin Nunes has perfected the art of converting attacks replica bags on the DOJ and the Democratic leadership ‘cabal’ (his actual word choice to describe people like Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff) into aaa replica bags whopping, great loads of cash naively donated by Republicans thousands of miles away from places like Fresno, Visalia and Tulare,” Mair said in replica bags buy online a statement. Her group has been running ads against Nunes, including radio spots that target his silence on the Trump administration’s separation of migrant families.Nunes retains the advantage in his California district, where Trump beat Hillary Clinton by nearly a 10 point margin. aaa replica designer handbags

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