I wouldn’t be surprised to see Groupon trading in single

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Groupon trading in single

Investors should also be concerned about the fact that Groupon’s lock up should end in early May, releasing a lot more shares on to the market. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Groupon trading in single digits after that and heading to zero within the next 36 months. Groupon’s best bet is if they can acquire their way into a sustainable business model; I’m doubtful that will happen considering the companies they have purchased to date..

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swimwear sale You are talking about sales in the $500 to $600 million range for this day alone. The real take a ways for me are that international markets seem to be adopting Prime and competing sales from the likes of Walmart don’t seem to be impacting Amazon sales at all. We estimate there are more than 70 million Prime members globally, about 80% of that, or 56 million, coming from the US swimwear sale.

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