“I had already missed Cassie’s first day at school because I

“I had already missed Cassie’s first day at school because I

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canada goose factory sale The dad has rubbed shoulders with A listers such as Jack Nicholson, Ted Danson and Michael Douglas.But cooking for Hollywood’s finest was nothing compared with the pressure of battling throat and neck cancer. And even on the night he wished he could die, he had every reason to fight.Donald, 52, said: “I had always been a positive person and there was no way I was going to let this cancer take away my life and the enjoyment of watching my five year old daughter Cassie grow up.”I had already missed Cassie’s first day at school because I was too sick to leave the hospital and that was hard to take.”Donald, 52, worked at a string of top restaurants such as the Carnegie Club at upmarket Skibo Castle.His life was turned upside down in May last year after he noticed a lump on his neck.His GP sent him to Glasgow’s Victoria Infirmary for a biopsy. Donald, a member of the Masterchefs of Great Britain, said: “A few days later I got a call to come back into the hospital and that was the day from Hell.”The idea that I had canada goose outlet niagara falls cancer still hadn’t entered my head canada goose factory sale.

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