Cousins is the Joe Flacco conundrum all over again

Cousins is the Joe Flacco conundrum all over again

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canada goose store That makes what happens between Cousins and the Redskins over the next six months one of the most interesting questions in the NFL. Cousins is the Joe Flacco conundrum all over again. In a league in which competent quarterback play is essential to long term success, Cousins is a guy you can win with but who needs plenty of help. canada goose store

This is one that sounds sensible on its face. You figure the customer is blind or otherwise unable to read. But no, the guy just didn’t feel like reading. Loyalty and retention. Our colleague Fred Reichheld is well known for showing that customer retention and loyalty can be enormous boons to growth and profitability. Think about how rapidly your company grew last year.

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