Cap tables are becoming more complex

Cap tables are becoming more complex

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cheap nfl jerseys NEW YORK AST, through its Private Company Solutions (AST PCS) business unit, today launched its innovative software as a service (SaaS) based Astrella solution for privately held companies, providing capitalization (cap) table and employee stock plan ownership data management tools for investors and employees. The SaaS solution, which provides employees and investors access to their holdings through a mobile app and integrates with partner companies such as Box, CharliAI, EquityZen, Derivatas and others, provides a total solution for small seed stage companies as well as larger, unicorn companies.Astrella arrives at a time when private companies are waiting longer to contemplate an investor exit or a public offering especially under today challenging market conditions. Cap tables are becoming more complex, and as a result, investors and employees are demanding sophisticated shareholder solutions like secondary market platforms and liquidity and lending programs. cheap nfl jerseys

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