Basements of these shop cum residential plots or Yves Saint

Basements of these shop cum residential plots or Yves Saint

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handbags replica ysl The exhaust duct should not open onto the public replica ysl bags lane or face another residential plot.”We have tried finding a solution within the law and Delhi Master Plan 2021,” housing and urban affairs minister Hardeep Singh handbags replica ysl Puri had told reporters on Monday.Traders in Delhi have been protesting against Replica Yves Saint Laurent Handbags the sealing of commercial establishments that have been running in residential areas without payment of conversion charges.For providing relief to traders, a uniform floor area ration (FAR) on shop cum residential plots and complexes had been recommended. Basements of these shop cum residential plots or Yves Saint Laurent Replica Handbags complexes will now be allowed for commercial /professional activities.Service professionals such as IT professionals, real estate/insurance agents/medical practitioners/matrimonial services etc, have also been permitted as part of permissible uses under mixed use.The recommended amendments had also included synchronisation and fixation of all charges conversion charges, parking charges, FAR charges would be calculated by circle rate category of colonies. The properties handbags ysl replica will be grouped into three categories.Owners who have already paid the due charges in form of down payments or instalments will not be liable to pay.Also, one time Ysl replica parking charges shall be paid by the owner as down payment or maximum in four installments within a year.Parking too will be provided as per the provision of MPD 2021. handbags replica ysl

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