Whycantthismakesense 0 points submitted 29 days agoThis

Whycantthismakesense 0 points submitted 29 days agoThis

Why not follow Chrysler and file for bankruptcy protection, too, said top leaders at General Motors back in 2009. When things looked bleak in late 2008, President Bush offered up $9 billion to save GM. But when President Obama took office, he forced out the CEO (Rick Wagoneer) and told them to choose Chapter 11 Restructuring or get out of the car game..

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Cheap Jerseys china We “rebuilt” for five minutes and ended up with all those guys you mentioned and those are just the big fish in our prospect pool. Depending on your list we had between about 5 and 8 guys in a lot of peoples top 100 2018 picks and should have 7+ guys at the world juniors not counting Kotkaniemi.Whycantthismakesense 5 points submitted 28 days agoThis comparison is exactly backwards and a good example of the endemic misrepresentation the layman has about how the defense position actually generates offensive and defensive value.In reality Josi is the defenseman whose extremely risky offensive tendencies costs his team goals and Subban is literally one of the best defensemen at defense in the entire world.Yeah Subban is also great offensively but that also why he a top 5 defenseman in the league and significantly better than Josi overall.Whycantthismakesense 0 points submitted 29 days agoThis rationale is stupid, your team is already passed its prime, Bowman should have kept Panarin for his best chances at getting another cup for this team.It was up there with the Hall/Larsson trade as one of the worst of the last decade and it would still be extremely bad if Saad didn fall off and was a 45 point guy.Panarin is one of the best players in the league ffs two more years of him being a defibrillator giving you a chance to revive your team into a few more shots at a cup was easily the best choice and the last realistic chance at this core ever winning again.thecherrydonEDM NHL 6 points submitted 29 days agoPersonal attacks? Don see any in what I said, mind letting me know what hurt your feelings there? Did I make you read too much you fucking meat head. “Bruh” go fuck yourself you delicate piece of shit. Cheap Jerseys china

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wholesale jerseys Norms looking good again. VanVleet will probably play tmrw.If you want to get salty and complain a bunch at least wait until we lost a couple in a row or lose to the Celtics.I dead serious: nothing about that Cavs win against Miami should make them feel good. Both teams played absolutely dreadful. wholesale jerseys

wholesale nfl jerseys No religious person can admit alot of what they believe has the potential to be wrong and continue to believe the same way.I said it in another comment but we are all just trying to make sense of this and that death is terrifying and religion helps some deal with that anxiety but religious cant admit thats why they follow. But sure ill follow, jesus isnt a normal human and can do this. Now how about the people that Elijah brought back to life? He is said to have done it 3 times to normal humans. wholesale nfl jerseys

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cheap jerseys I like the world building aspects much more than the combat aspects. The idea that you can play as whatever you want is appealing. Be it a fighter, a vendor, etc.The trade mechanic is clunky as hell, and not at all an appealing way of accomplishing thisGive me the option to open the world biggest teacup and sell god damned tea all session if i want. cheap jerseys

Cheap Jerseys from china The soundtrack is still one of the best ever, the level design is unique and pretty, and the gameplay still holds up 25 years later. And, more importantly, nobody really been able to replicate it since, even with better technology.LTTP was a fantastic framework, but there a lot of good 2D Zelda games that have done more interesting things since LTTP imo. It influential for sure, but if there questions of if it even the best game in its series or platform, it hard to say it the best of all time to me Cheap Jerseys from china.

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