Not OP, but the main threat to cryptography from quantum

Not OP, but the main threat to cryptography from quantum

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cheap nfl jerseys 3 points submitted 6 hours agoGhost continues to impress, they lost inferno after a 14 9 lead, lost the first half of mirage 11 4 in which they even manged to lose a 5v1 to that fugly ninja defuse and yet the manged to make a comeback and win 16 13, koosta the hero of the first two maps was absent got what 2 kills on 1st half mirage but on 2nd half he raked in 15 kills so nice recovery from him but subroza was really the guy making the plays on ct side winning GG the rounds on mirage.about this the team has 2 vets in form of steel and koosta, steel was banned and couldnt play for nearly 3 years even now cant attend majors and koosta was played on the 3rd best NA team for until CLG disbanded, apart from those two subroza had a brief stint in clg but it didnt last long and is still considered inexperienced and speaking of inexperience both wardell and neptune are newcomers to the scene playing only in bmc before joining GG. So am happy that steel manged to assemble a team of relatively inexperienced players and making them better than they usually would at this level, also koosta what a beast he seems to have found his playstyle as the rifle/2nd awper heck ive seen times where steel in on 2nd awp and koosta doesnt even fulfill that role which goes to show how good of a rifle player he has become you could see this somewhat in CLG but now under steel he seems much more assertive he still has some of rounds where he loses just coz hes nervous but on average hes gotten way better. 3 points submitted 1 day agofun fact, navi have played 3 maps in this LAN and and all there they have started down 10 x, 10 1 down ct side mirage vs order, 10 2 ct side nuke vs mouz and finally 10 0 t side train vs mouz, 3 maps and thrice they went down 10 xnavi is very weak on fragging when simple and electronic arnt going off as shown here but a even more concerning factor is zeus never called in any tactical stuff on train t side a map they are very comfortable on indicating a lack of depth in map pool but also weakness in zeus calling 2 points submitted 2 days agoNot a bad showing at all from INTZ considering this was their first match and first LAN event as a team.coudlve made the comeback too if they didnt lose that 23rd round to pistols and the followup 5v3 which turned into a 4v2 but they still lost to tabsen and gobb, overall they do need to improve but given it was their first LAN match it was an ok showing, I do favor them vs G2 in the elimination bo3 as G2 is forced to play with the old lineup so dont think they will have much motivation besides pugging it out and hoping for the best then again i could be wrong but hopefully INTZ do win there and get to play vs a real team cheap nfl jerseys.

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