Muroc Air Base was staffed by the dregs of the Air Force back

Muroc Air Base was staffed by the dregs of the Air Force back

The best value is the probably the burger/fries combo at the Burger Stop or Castle Burger take outs. Hotels are within walking distance, notably the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort, across the street (Armada Drive) and the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa, which has a private entrance to the park. Cities in the center of the park are interesting.

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Bathing Suits Yeager: Let me tell you some of the bad things. Muroc Air Base was staffed by the dregs of the Air Force back in We were sent out from (Ohio Wright Field to do test work, and those guys wouldn give you the time of day. And even when I was flying the X 1 over there, I could not get any support whatsoever. Bathing Suits

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