4)Give time to partner: Again

4)Give time to partner: Again

Everything about the news business has changed since then. The internet and cell phones were only a small part of my reporting 19 years ago. Today, they drive an insatiable appetite for instant information. It is the exclusive rights holder to the UEFA Champions League, a deal that began this season.DAZN added Major League Soccer, showing most games live in Canada (the Canadian teams matches being an exception.) It holds rights to German, Spanish, French and Italian soccer as well.It already has deals to cover more traditional British sports, such as rugby, darts and cricket. It also has rights to competitions like the Kontinental Hockey League and international basketball.Assuming it does indeed land the EPL, that a huge score. The English league has a long standing following in this country.While soccer is still a relatively niche sport compared to hockey or the CFL on Canadian TV, it still a tough loss for Sportsnet, which has long trumpeted its EPL package, and also for TSN, which lost the Champions League rights earlier this year after holding them for decades.DAZN approach is somewhat unique: It charges $20 per month for its service, and while it targets specific fan bases, it doesn have specific subscription packages.

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