We squirrely economists even had to invent a new term: jobless

We squirrely economists even had to invent a new term: jobless

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cheap Canada Goose A recruiter at a top consulting firm once told me, “there are all these Ivy League seniors who expect to get interviews just because they went to a top school, and it really doesn’t matter unless you used your time there canada goose uk online store to do challenging things.” After I started work this year, I have seen many instances where a candidate who did interesting research and held relevant internships from a less well known university was selected over a candidate from a prestigious university who did none of those things. I have a friend who was admitted to her top choice for veterinary school during her second year at the University of Alberta. She had decided against more prestigious undergraduate programs because she could do canada goose outlet research at a dairy barn in Edmonton cheap Canada Goose.

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