This northern Pennsylvania campus is family owned and operated

This northern Pennsylvania campus is family owned and operated

Awareness of the environment is, of course, not a modern concept. Human beings have been concerned with it since quite ancient times when human activities began to have a noticeable effect on their surroundings. For example, there was depletion of forest lands for timber and fuel, overgrazing of pasture lands, soil erosion due to intensive agricultural practices, air pollution due to wood burning, water pollution due to human and animal waste and so on.

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Cut to a birds eye view of their home and we see everyone rushing to take a seat in the couch. Meanwhile Mr. Burns is producing a television show that keeps running short, and needs some filler material. Summer camp for kids is an exceptional program that provides foundational tools for building confidence and self esteem in boys. This northern Pennsylvania campus is family owned and operated. The family atmosphere is combined with qualified trainers and hand selected focus groups including: computer programming, creative arts, competitive sports, and more.

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