These moments knock the wind out of us

These moments knock the wind out of us

This sucks. This drives out anyone looking for any real discussion and leaves about 25 karma whore memers and a bunch of other morons who just chuckle and upvote and move on. We at least need a daily discussion thread in this sub, didn we try a weekly one for a while? Why do we have like 25 mods and maybe 3 of them are actually active?.

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Cheap Jerseys from china There are certain moments in our lives that have a profound, transformative impact on us: witnessing a spectacular display of nature, meeting a charismatic kindred spirit, experiencing a spiritual or religious awakening, leaping head first into a wild adventure. These moments knock the wind out of us, open our eyes to brand new worlds, and change our perspective on life. They don happen every day, but their effects last for years.. Cheap Jerseys from china

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wholesale nfl jerseys My friend from there even told me that Duterte will be on tv everyday to address/curse specific barangays (think of them as districts) directly, make threats, and then go on location the next day. Jump to today and you have a whole country dealing with this attitude on a national and international level and it just not a good look. Those drug addicts wouldn think twice stealing from an elderly guy (around 75) who spent his whole day selling his merchandise to support their drug addiction, honestly who will miss those fucktards? Duterte is literally China lap dog right now, but his rivals are way worse than him cheap jerseys, those guys would happily let drugs run rampant again as long aa they have their fair share from it.. wholesale nfl jerseys

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