There are various ways to earn your school counseling degree

There are various ways to earn your school counseling degree

If you are asking me about current fighters who might beat Khabib, then in 155 I would say the best candidates are Ferguson (not amazing TDD but amazing cardio, chin and amazing bottom game, you know tony is never going to give up, I don see Khabib subbing Tony therefore I dont see finishing Tony, but in 5 rounds I see Tony catching Khabib), Kevin Lee (amazing wrestling and TDD) and Justin Gaetjhe (amazing TDD). In 145 I would love to see him against Ortega (I think ortega subs him in 5 rounds of constant grappling, Khabib might only survive if he outsizes him) and Aldo (Aldo is made to beat Khabib, but Khabib might be too big for him). In 170 I think a lot of fighters would beat Khabib, Woodley for sure, Usman, Maia, Gunnar..

Genoeg kwaliteit on geen kruistocht tegen te voeren.E: oh en Fix You is wel de beste van Coldplay, of althans, mag van mij meedoen met Yellow en Scientist. Geen Coldplay fan maar ik kan het prima pruimen op zijn tijd, alleen Clocks moet echt dood. Dus waar jij Fix You zegt, zeg ik Clocks.

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