Of course Italy has a problem with Ultras because there they

Of course Italy has a problem with Ultras because there they

Female employees with infants less than a year old can ask for breast feeding breaks as and when they need them during the course of the workday. While the employer does not have a say in how many times or for how long the mother can breast feed the infant, the employer has absolute rights regarding whether on not to pay the employee for these break hours. However, if the employer provides the other employees with compensated rest breaks, the same can be used by nursing mothers to express breast milk..

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cheap nfl jerseys Just the other day we learend out that they threatened Foggia at the time it was coached by De Zerbi to buy a player they wanted, so they even intervene in the transfer market. Basically every curva has heads of major groups implicated with various or with the camorra, look at Genny A with Napoli, Diabolik with Lazio, Lucci at Milan, and I can go on and on and on: they very much have interest in controlling drugs dealings there and acquiring tickets to resell And finally they even just like the rest of the majority of the rest of the italian population they very much enjoy football even as supporters: remember when it was discovered that Cosa Nostra bosses who were actual fugitives in hiding were peacefully watching Palermo matches right at the freaking stadium?Why the fuck would clubs want to get rid of the only supporters who actually make the atmosphere at the games? You confuse ultras with hooligans, ultras have no intention of violence. There are still hooligans to this day who meet before/after a game to fight, it all arranged and away from the stadium.Of course Italy has a problem with Ultras because there they are connected with the Mafia but you are talking about whole Europe. cheap nfl jerseys

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