Mist3rA 10 points submitted 3 years agoFor me I think Beckett

Mist3rA 10 points submitted 3 years agoFor me I think Beckett

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Hermes Handbags Replica In this case, the two of them are still in the same damn city, but are split because of piss poor writing.Compared to season 7, which I greatly enjoyed, season 8 replica hermes avalon blanket really blows so far.Mist3rA 10 points submitted 3 years agoFor me I think Beckett is sticking around as Captain as replica hermes luggage a cover so she can solve the Locksat stuff and to keep Castle, Alexis, Esposito and Ryan safe. When she went on the run in the first episode, Castle, replica hermes garden party bag Alexis, Esposito and Ryan went looking for and Castle nearly got himself killed. The people that were after her will probably leave her alone if they think she dropped the case and is solving crimes as Captain. Hermes Handbags Replica

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