I want to stay in Orange County after law school

I want to stay in Orange County after law school

I never feel guilty around people who make me feel bad about my “issue” though. Like my partner or family. You think the people closest to you should be understanding and caring but they rather make me feel guilty than accept that its uncontrollable on my part : /I going through this badly right now.

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dresses sale I have worked in disability law for quite some time and don necessarily want to stay in that area, though I do have a lot of connections and enjoy aspects of it. I want to stay in Orange County after law school.UCI is clearly the most convenient it close to my home, and my spouse works there. So the issue I wrestling with is whether the additional prestige and superior aspects of UCLA or USC would be worth the long commute/more time away from my spouse (or instead of a commute, getting an apartment near campus and only seeing my spouse on the weekends). dresses sale

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