Drug abuse was linked to nearly one third of New York’s 311

Drug abuse was linked to nearly one third of New York’s 311

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canada goose But the CDC issued a statement in December noting that with 19million Americans facing “housing insecurity, and 28million without health insurance, the risk of homelessness and poor health is a concern for 1out of 8Americans.”In many communities, the nation’s opioid epidemic appears to be hitting the homeless community particularly hard. Drug abuse was linked to nearly one third of New York’s 311 homeless deaths in fiscal year 2017, according to the city’s Department of Social Services.In the West, unsanitary conditions led to a hepatitis A outbreak among the homeless community in San Diego and several other California cities last year, killing at least 21people. A strep bacteria outbreak in Anchorage canada goose parka black friday infected 41homeless individuals, three fatally, in late 2016 through last spring, according to the Alaska Department of Public Health.Ingrid McIntyre, left, executive director and co founder of Open Table Nashville, hugs James George, 67, who has been living in a van. canada goose

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