[2] On January 6, 2015, it was reported that USA had opted to

[2] On January 6, 2015, it was reported that USA had opted to

The colonization of Algeria by Charles X greatly affected the culture of Algeria. A new ideal of individual land ownership and the exclusion of tribal practices from the work sector threatened the Algerian way of life; many revolutionaries rose up against the exploitation though Algeria was not independent until 1962.[2] Two famous academics visited and studied tribal groups in Algeria Pierre Bourdieu, a theorist in sociology who studied the pseudo colonized French Algeria and Melville Hilton Simpson an anthropologist who studied the Shawa in the mountains of Algeria. Bourdieu extensively researched the destruction of Algerian culture under French rule; Algerians were forced into cities to support the economic interests of the French and destroying their old tribal living and working situations.[3] Though some definitely benefitted from the industrialization of the country Bathing Suits, many suffered through unemployment and poverty, inciting violent revolutions and wars throughout the 20th century.[3] In his article “Culture, Violence and Art”, Hassen Bouabdellah cites Algeria as the prime example of the violence that erupts after a peoples have had their culture forcibly stripped away.

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